Our first race is quickly approaching, on Sunday, 4/30.

In addition to our regular race day jobs, we have the following positions available:
Finish Line Flagger
Head Flagger/Flagging lead
If you are interested in any of these (for the entire season or just one race), please respond to this email or contact a board member. We will be able to provide information on points and/or pay for these positions at that time.

In two weeks (September 17 and 18) we will have our final MX race of 2016. But it’s not JUST a race! There is a lot going on.

Saturday we will have a practice.

Then after the Saturday practice, we will have a 125 two stroke race in honor of Kelly Strassburger and Pete Malyj.

Sunday is our normal race day. But on Sunday we also have a pig roas! That’s in honor of Dave Phillips Sr (better know as DP), one of our founders who passed earlier this year. It’s something DP would have done so we are honoring him with it!

See the flyer for all the details on a great weekend!