So much new stuff at PRA this year…and it starts with the option to pre-enter for The XO online!  Not only will you save $5 on your race entry, you’ll be saving yourself and everyone else a TON of time at check-in on raceday.

Click here to get yourself signed up!   Remember, that you’ll still have to check in and get a transponder ($5 unless you already have one the system recognizes) on raceday.

You’ll note that you have the option to choose your race number.  Numbers are first come first served.  Here’s a page that will allow you to see what’s already been taken.

This race has the potential to be the coolest event you’ve done all year.  The race has something for everyone.  There’s some moto, there are some trails (some groomed, some not, all with multiple lines) and there will also be what we are calling the “Wildcard” section.  The Wildcard will be totally optional, but keep in mind the “opt-out” will be about 10-20 seconds slower per lap.  For more info click on “The XO” located in the drop-down within the “RACE INFO” menu item above.

It’s been a while since we’ve run an event but we haven’t gone away.

…and though a we are running a “non-points” (in consideration of those going to the Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier) event on May 22nd that is a bit different – we are still a motocross club and we’ll be moto-ing on our revamped track on Saturday, May 21st.

Just in case you forgot about how fun it can be up on the hill – here’s a little reminder courtesy of Kevin Hutzler.

We have received a lot of questions about our 2016 events. Please take a look at the schedule on the right hand side of the homepage and also the Race Info menu for information on all the new events.

They’re coming soon and we will see you there!