Hey you! Yes you, with the sweet dirt bike, wondering where you are gonna ride and practice this year! Palmyra 2017 membership applications are now open! These are WHOLE FAMILY memberships, no hidden costs, the track is open all year! No “member days” to have to schedule around, you bring all your bikes and come ride, on your schedule. Palmyra also has a changing singletrack course throughout the year to test your woods game. Still the best deal out there!

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To all our members and racers,

Even though we are getting into the depths of winter, the PRA board has been busy working with our partner tracks and organizations to build a racing schedule for 2017.

The goal of the PRA board is, and always has been, to preserve the property for both our current and future use. Racing is not only something we love – it is also a means of generating funds to pay for the land as well as any maintenance or improvements. We have, and always will, build the racing schedule with these interests in mind.

For the last few months of 2016, Ross, Nolan and Joe have been working with WNYRacing, WNYMA and USMX in attempt to develop a unified schedule for all of Western NY…one that would benefit both the riders AND the race promoters, and consequently boost the overall health of our sport. Numerous solutions have been put on the table…everything from a unified WNY, to a series of dual and tri district events.

Extensive discussions and negotiations (including some generous concessions offered by WNYRacing and PRA in particular) had yielded what appeared to be some promising breakthroughs. Unfortunately some have decided to go against what would make good business sense AND be better for the riders… with personal issues being the only explanation offered.

We are putting this out to our membership because we know some of you would like to see some cooperation and we want you to understand that we did our best. Beware of getting sucked into any BS that might get drummed up. When you want the truth – talk to us.

For 2017 the PRA continue to partner with WNYRacing for our MX races and other fun events. For now, stay warm and stay tuned for details on a winter gathering for our members A 2017 schedule will be forthcoming.

– PRA Board

Ideas like this should be embraced – not tossed in the trash.


Ideas like this should be embraced – not tossed in the trash.

In two weeks (September 17 and 18) we will have our final MX race of 2016. But it’s not JUST a race! There is a lot going on.

Saturday we will have a practice.

Then after the Saturday practice, we will have a 125 two stroke race in honor of Kelly Strassburger and Pete Malyj.

Sunday is our normal race day. But on Sunday we also have a pig roas! That’s in honor of Dave Phillips Sr (better know as DP), one of our founders who passed earlier this year. It’s something DP would have done so we are honoring him with it!

See the flyer for all the details on a great weekend!