In two weeks (September 17 and 18) we will have our final MX race of 2016. But it’s not JUST a race! There is a lot going on.

Saturday we will have a practice.

Then after the Saturday practice, we will have a 125 two stroke race in honor of Kelly Strassburger and Pete Malyj.

Sunday is our normal race day. But on Sunday we also have a pig roas! That’s in honor of Dave Phillips Sr (better know as DP), one of our founders who passed earlier this year. It’s something DP would have done so we are honoring him with it!

See the flyer for all the details on a great weekend!


This weekend is our Split Schedule event. Since this is new, and you may have questions, we have answers!

See our Split Schedule FAQ.

Also, please note that Wayne County has several road closures currently. Our primary way to get to the track (Galloway Road bridge) is closed, as well as our secondary way in from the west. Please see the Directions page for more info about that.

That’s all for now, see you this weekend!

Our next Motocross race features an innovative new idea, a Split Schedule! What if you split the race schedule so that half of the classes would run both 1st & 2nd motos in the morning, and the remaining classes would run their 1st & 2nd motos in the afternoon? You could sleep late and not arrive until 11:30am if your classes run in the afternoon or imagine racing both moto’s in the morning and being able to head home at noon! Stay all day if you want but the rest of the day is yours! We’re racing the same exciting WNYRacing classes, just in a different order. Try something new!
We will also be handing out WNYRacing Series 1 Awards at Intermission!